a dog and cat on a beach

Keeping your animals safe during summer

Never Leave Your Pet In A Hot Car THIS IS IMPORTANT! It seems like common sense, but every year emergency crews break into blistering hot vehicles that owners have left dogs in unattended. “The worst possible situation is for kids or dogs to be left alone in an enclosed car,” says Dr. Klein. “Even with the windows open, a car quickly becomes like an oven.” The temperature of car seats alone can hit 123 degrees F in just an hour, ...

Horse running

Keeping your horse happy and healthy

Feeding: While good fresh grass is ideal, hay is an important source of nutrition for horses. Always try to give hay that is as fine-stemmed, soft, green and leafy, and do not use hay hay that is excessively sun-bleached, or smells moldy, musty, dusty. You should also include a salt lick or mineral block in the paddock. Supplements: Regular working horses may need additional supplements. Consult your veterinarian for suitable like Omega-3's which are necessary for the horse’s diet. Water: ...