I took my Precious here to get spayed she’s a cocker spaniel puppy and they took great care of her and suggested we get her the pain meds since she is active and stubborn puppy who doesn’t always want to behave! Lol She recovered like a champ! Back to her old self in just a few days! Very nice caring bunch!

Shannon Potts

We have gone to Cornerstone since it opened. Every vet, vet tech, and secretary has been kind and professional. Our latest experience was having our 13 year old Evee euthanized. We are so appreciative of the kindness and support. Dr. Parum and her helper were a blessing to us. We thank them.

George Smith

The vets here are very friendly and care about your pets. The prices here are around average for a normal treatments for your animals. The atmosphere here is great and I would definitely recommend bringing your animals here!

Leah Brewer

Cornerstone is a place I trust… and I don’t say that lightly about anything.
From the front reception and right on down the line, they are professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and caring.

Kerry Cocke

I took a couple of my dogs here. The first one had an ear infection that had been on going with a previous clinical. It was so sore that you could hardly touch it without a growl. In desperation I took him there, I told the doc what was happening and he gave my dog one single pill. And that was all. Very much in disbelief that this one little pill would do the trick. Well the following day he seemed better. A couple of days a new dog. Hes happy and acts like a pup again. And the cost for it was unbelievably low.

Shelayne Brown

Such sweet loving people here at the clinic. They have done such a wonderful job with my dogs and very affordable.

Rhonda Bowman