My sweet Chappy is alive because of the knowledgeable staff at Cornerstone. When he was hospitalized not only were his medical needs met but his emotional needs as well. The staff loved on him and even purchased deli meat to get him to eat. Although I was concerned about him, I knew he was in the best hands. I am so thankful for Cornerstone!

Callie Johnson

I have a crippled cat that had her tail removed. The doc did an awesome job and improved the quality of my cats life tremendously. The transformation was immediate. It has made a huge difference in both our lives. Thank you soooo much!!

Jennifer Monsees

Excellent care. Fantastic front desk staff. Both of my babies were well cared for and I was very nervous about them being at the doctor. The staff was very friendly. They’ll be my go to vet from now on.

Gwen Rainey